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21.9.2018 : 4:07 : +0200

Interview with Ken Wilber at the DIA inauguration event

The highlight of the evening was a telephone-interview with the most prominent figure in the integral movement,  Ken Wilber, that Dennis Wittrock, designated CEO of the DIA moderated with the other dialogue-partner, Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter.

Central topics of the interview were developmental theories, as well as the emergence of an integral culture. Ken and Susanne emphasized their mutual appreciation for each other and the respective theoretical contributions to the common field.

Further topics were a critical appreciation of the Spiral Dynamics model, “switchpoints” of horizontal development through the states of consciousness as well their pathologies, difficulties in the prognosis of collective developmental trends, the new Internet portal “Integral Life” and a report from the first Conference on Integral Theory in San Francisco. The entire interview was recorded and is available in the player above.


The artist Stefan Stark has created a special gift for the inauguration of the DIA - a music-clip called "I-AMness": archaic Didgeridoo sounds (played by Stefan himself) sampled with postmodern electronic beats. The whole piece is framed in a danceable synthesis with a quote by Ken Wilber on pure witnessing awareness. It is the first clip in the player. 


The DIA-Team thanks the artist very much. We hopy you enjoy the clip as much as we do!