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Ken Wilber's response to the IF statement from January

My statement asked that each and every person—and organization—search their conscience and come to their own decision about Marc and CWS.  I am deeply gratified that that individuals connected with IF have done exactly that, and although we came to somewhat different conclusions, I deeply respect and honor the decision reached by IF and its members.  This is exactly the type of personal decision that I hoped individuals would indeed come to.  The fact that they did shows a strong Integral ethics and conscience that bodes well for the future of Integral.  Allow me to congratulate all the members of IF for reaching this deeply ethical conclusion.  I am very proud of each and every one of you.

-- All love, Ken Wilber       2012-01-17



Postscript 1: Ken Wilber agreed to publish this statement.

Postscript 2: We (the IF board) are aware, that our statement is not a statement for all IF members, but is rather a reflection of our own position. We respect and honor if people come to different conclusions and decisions. Nevertheless, our statement is also the result of ten years of co-creation of and within the integral movement, as well as the continual discussion with a lot of people. That is why we would like to thank all the participants here, who further integral theory and practice, inside and outside of the IF. In this way we understand the congratulation by Ken Wilber as including all, even if we are not of the same opinion, and are very grateful for it.

-The IF board 2012-01-17


Integral Art – The Search for an Aesthetic Compass of the Next Avantgarde

With Axel Malik, Harald Kimmig and Dennis Wittrock


Dear Axel, dear Harald, first of all, thank you very much for taking the time and accepting my invitation to this e-mail ‘trialogue’ about the topic of  ‘integral art’.

My first question goes to you, Axel, first – I know from talks we have had that you are quite critical of much of what is labeled ‘art’ in integral circles. Let me ask you, rather provocatively, this: how much of it would you even consider to be art and what is wrong with the rest of it?

read the whole article

„Grow Up, Wake Up, Clean Up, Show Up!“

photos: Sri Vishva

Rewiew of the 2011 Integral Forum Conference in Nuremberg, Germany

Dennis Wittrock

Which answers does integral conciousness provide for the urgent questions of our time? All those who brought this question to the annual conference of the Integral Forum with the titel “Integral in Action – Solutions for a Complex World” from June 17.-19. in Nuremberg, Germany, not only found themselves in the best of company, but certainly found some convincing answers to their questions. The 200-odd participants who had come to the catholic Caritas Pirckheimer Haus, right in the historic centre of Nuremberg, found themselves presented with a dense and varied programme, with both stars and newcomers to the integral scene, a live-interview with the integral philosopher Ken Wilber, various show-acts, plenty of opportunity for exchange in open space discussions, a party, as well as diverse opportunities for integral life practice.



Greeting Words to the IF conference 2011 from Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber

Hello to all my Integral friends in Germany.

This year’s conference looks to be a truly profound meeting, and I encourage as many as possible to attend.  The topic couldn’t be more important: Integral in Action—Solutions for a Complex World.  Integral has increasingly moved from the creation of a Theory—which we feel we have fairly well completed—into using the Integral framework to create practical and real-world applications in the real human world.  This move is crucially important if the Integral Approach is to have its important impact on the actual world and on real problems in that real world.  All of these problems are now global or planetary, and thus all of them demand a global, planetary, or integral approach in order to solve them.  So please join others in this year’s gathering to share your ideas and hear of theirs’.  It promises to be enlightening in many, many ways!  I’ll be looking forward to my live call-in.  So until then, sending much love and light to all of you!  

Best wishes,

Ken Wilber

Integrity, Spiritual Teachers, and a School for Integral Spirituality

Sparked by the discussion about (alleged or real) abuse of students by spiritual teachers, that also involved some of the teachers with whom the Integrales Forum is in contact and exchange, the IF board of directors formulated a position paper to demark the position of the organization on these issues. This paper articulates both our ethical premises for ourselves and our work, as well as explicit criteria for spiritual teachers and people in positions of leadership and responsibilty in general. 

Parallel to this and in dialogue with spiritual teachers, the idea of a "School of Integral Spirituality" (SIS) arose, as a forum and space for an encounter of broad science (natural sciences as well as the humanities) and spirituality. We hope for a rich mutual exchange, that on the one hand lays a foundation for a solid scientific and academic basis of the topic "spirituality", as well as a (re-)discovery of the spiritual "heritage of premodernity" (Ken Wilber) as an indispensable cultural heritage of humanity.

Read the IF Positionspapier and the responses by the spiritual teachers, among them Terry Patten, Andrew Cohen, Annette Kaiser, Helmut Dörman, Richard Stiegler, Thomas Hübl und Marc the texts

Interviews with Ken Wilber

For many years we cherish the tradition to interview Ken Wilber at our annual conferences and on other occasions, where we inquire into a broad range of topics including the many facets of his work as well as personal aspects. It's a great joy!

Below you will find a collection of links to audio-recordings of the interviews of the past years. Enjoy!


2007 - Interview with Monika Frühwirth, IF conference in Hart

2008 - Interview with Dennis Wittrock, founding of DIA in Frankfurt

2009 - Interview with Monika Frühwirth, IF conference in Bremen

2010 - Interview with Monika Frühwirth & Dennis Wittrock, IF conference in Berlin