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The Integral Family

Integrales Forum (IF)

Integrales Forum ("Integral Forum") is a non-profit organization. INTEGRAL stands for a comprehensive, balanced and holistic world view. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: we can not solve todays complex and global problems on the same level on which they came into being. Such a new level of complexity is offered by the Integral approach which is presented in an exemplary way by the American philosopher and transdisciplinary thinker Ken Wilber.

Since 1998 the IF supports the propagation and application of the integral approach in the German speaking parts of Europe. It has already developed into the most important integral platform in Europe. In more than 30 locations, IF groups offer integral salons to those interested in mutual exchange and further development.

Further activities of the organization are regular conferences and congresses with international guests, professional groups for specific subjects, the maintenance of the website with the Online Forum, the publication of the print-magazine Integrale Perspektiven, an email newsletter, and the personal exchange with Ken Wilber and other initiatives associated with the evolutionary integral approach.


Integrales Leben (IL)

Integrales Leben (IL – "Integral Living") is an online portal gathering the most important information and contributions to integral theory and practice in German language. Apart from new contributions published regularly, you can search the extensive archive in which the existing media (texts, audios, videos) are arranged according to subject. Here you can find the basic concepts, new developments, and practical applications of the integral approach, that you can use for living a more integral life.


Die Integrale Akademie (DIA)

Die Integrale Akademie (“The Integral Academy“) offers basic and and further education with German and international experts, for example in business, politics, economy, ecology, psychotherapy, coaching, education, and spirituality. The annual IF conference offers an exchange with integral friends and accepted experts to bring you up to date with integral knowledge and its application.



European Integral Academy (EIA)

Another member of the integral family is EIA – the European Integral Academy, where you can support integral projects as a donor.